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FH Commercial
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FH COMMERCIAL, INC. will be the pillar of packings, gaskets and sealing industry, recognized throughout the whole Philippine archipelago and the first choice of customers for its wide range of quality products and efficient services. We envision FH COMMERCIAL, INC. to be flexible and open to market changes and new opportunities to further diversify its business interests beyond its present borders and to sustain profitability and viability.


FH COMMERCIAL, INC. is a God-centered enterprise engaging in distribution and marketing of quality packings, gaskets and sealing products for all industries. We provide technical services to enhance the productivity of our customers and to ensure our customers of quality products.

We always conduct our business with integrity, high moral and ethical standards towards achieving maximum financial returns benefiting shareholders and employees. We are also committed to share our God-given resources and talents to religious and social activities beneficial to the community and for the protection of our environment.


Together with our vision to become a one-stop-shop for gaskets, packing and seals, our drive is always associated with quality.We also maintain the reputation that we earned over the years in providing complete customer satisfaction by quickly responding to their requirements no matter how complex and demanding.For this, FH COMMERCIAL INC. was given a number of recognition for being an Outstanding Supplier.


FH COMMERCIAL, INC. is committed to continuously supply our customers with quality products and maintain sufficient inventory all the time.Our operation is fully documented in line with our plan to pursue ISO certification in the future.